The majority of our kitchen ranges are available as Inclusive Kitchens*, with an extensive choice from traditional barrel styled doors to contemporary high gloss slab doors.

This extensive collection spans all price points, ensuring that there is not only a style to suit every taste but also every budget. Although specifically designed to be highly accessible, our Inclusive Kitchens are comparable in price to our standard range, ensuring choice and affordability.

Cabinets are specifically designed for accessibility and therefore do not require cutting down.

To make our kitchens safe as possible for people with limited mobility, the inclusive range is complemented by an extensive range of laminate flooring that meets R3 slip resistance and Part M compliant doors.

1323-3516-5Plinth Options

Howdens units provide flexibility for users, with the choice of two plinth options set at 60mm and 223mm.

60mm Plinth

The 60mm plinth height lowers the overall height of the unit to 820mm, giving greater accessibility to work surfaces and cabinets. Units at this plinth height can also be used with pull-out accessories to add functionality. A wide range of units are available using a 60mm plinth including hinged units, drawer packs and appliance housing. Hinged doors are fitted with 170 degree hinges to provide greater accessibility where appropriate.

223mm Plinth

The 223mm plinth height utilises standard height cabinets that are raised from the floor. These units enable wheelchair footplates to pass underneath, giving greater access to work surfaces and cabinets. Hinged door and drawer options are available using a 223mm plinth. Hinged doors are fitted with 170 degree hinges to provide greater accessibility where appropriate.

Inclusive Kitchen Accessories

Our range of cabinets are complemented by a number of accessories, specifically designed to provide greater access to work surfaces and cabinets. A range of rise and fall worktop systems, adjustable cabinet brackets and pull down-shelves are available along with an extensive number of pull-out accessories. Rise and fall worktop systems enable worktops to be raised or lowered depending on individual requirements, making the kitchen a user friendly space.


Light Reflective Values

A light reflective value (LRV) describes the amount of light a surface reflects, defining the lightness or darkness of a colour on a scale of 0 to 99, with the higher the number, the lighter the colour.

By measuring the difference between LRV’s, visual contrast between surfaces can be measured. Visual contrast enables people with impaired vision to gather information about an environment, increasing confidence and independence. In recognition of this, building regulations and standards have been introduced.

BS8300:2001 recommends that the minimum contrast between surfaces should be at least 20 points, although 30 points is preferred.

Approved Document Part M (2004) suggests that the difference in LRV between adjacent surfaces should be at least 30 points for sufficient visual contrast to be achieved.

LRV’s are quoted on the kitchen ranges, handles and worktops featured on the Howdens website wherever we have been able to provide an accurate result.

Products marked with this logo are designed to meet the requirements of inclusive kitchens (insert inclusive pyramid).


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